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The artist's mission is often to make us think, raise awareness, opening the door of introspection. This is especially true for Clairette Gras, whose search for the uniqueness stands out as a truth, a certainty. Her work as a collagist is inseparable from her work as a writer, living however in its own light, incisive, and dreamlike: it becomes almost real.

This deep certainty is actually the feeling that flows from her works. We could describe it as a bridge between the abstract and the figurative; letting us be transported by the richness of the painting techniques, be amazed by the profusion of references, where the soul is nourished instinctively (Clairette Gras pushes always the boundaries of her art). We are rather subdued by her search for the authentic, pushed to its climax, which takes away everything in its path like a swollen river.

Clairette Gras describes herself as an imaginary traveler; her art takes us to other worlds, more sensitive, and carriers of truth. This trip takes us inevitably back to the intimate and deeply human emotions. In the humanity that she describes -- a little dizzy at first glance -- the artist manages to distill a feeling out of the canvas and the colors, as a revelation. There, she catches the eye, the senses and the heart of the viewer.

The force of the art of Clairette Gras is the ability to transform an inner journey into something universal. Her work should not simply be uncovered and admired; something is inevitably released; the artist's work continues, spreading again, and over the first approach.